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Image of Elastic Replacement (Black) - Azuma

Elastic Replacement (Black) - Azuma

Over time, the elastic cords on your garden relaxer chair which attach the seat material to the frame can become frayed or broken. But don't worry, they can be replaced. This complete set of Azuma Replacement Elastic Cords will have you quickly back relaxing...

Image of Folding Flat Bed Cart - AZUMA

Folding Flat Bed Cart - AZUMA

Moving heavy boxes, furniture and equipment has never been easier than with this collapsible platform trolley. The cart has a traditional flatbed that you would find in an industrial warehouse but smaller making it ideal for general use. Each trolley...

Image of Folding Luggage Cart - AZUMA

Folding Luggage Cart - AZUMA

Make light work of moving heavy objects with this folding, aluminium trolley. Great for use at home or work, this portable and lightweight trolley is suitable for moving boxes, luggage, files, tool boxes and much more! Ideal for small businesses, shops,...

Image of Solar Cabbage Hotel - AZUMA

Solar Cabbage Hotel - AZUMA

Fill your garden with fun fruit and veg and watch it light up in the evening! Add a novelty focal point to your outdoor space with one of these quirky garden solar ornaments. They are sure to raise a smile when the sun goes down. The fruit and vegetable...

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