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Image of 1236 Brick Bolster 114mm (4,1/2in) (FOO1236412)

1236 Brick Bolster 114mm (4,1/2in) (FOO1236412)

The Footprint 1236 Brick Bolster has additional ribs spreading down the sides and the centre of the blade for added strength and a longer life, Width: 114mm (4,1/2in), Footprint Brick Bolsters have a fully drop forged design for cutting bricks and other...

Image of 1860 Grooved Plugging Chisel (FOO1860)

1860 Grooved Plugging Chisel (FOO1860)

1 x Footprint 1860 Grooved Plugging Chisel The Footprint Grooved Plugging Chisel is used to remove the mortar and cement from between brick and block work, Made from a single, fully forged piece of carbon steel that has been harden and tempered for increased...

Image of Brick Bolster With Guard 75mm (3in) (FOO12373)

Brick Bolster With Guard 75mm (3in) (FOO12373)

Size: 75mm (3in), The Footprint Brick Bolsters are fully drop forged, making them ideal for heavy-duty use such as cutting bricks and other general building uses, The bolsters provide extra strength because the handle, blade and head are drop forged as...

Image of Cold Chisel 250 x 25mm (FOO590101)

Cold Chisel 250 x 25mm (FOO590101)

1 x Footprint Cold Chisel 250 x 25mm This Footprint Cold Chisel is ideal for use on stone, masonry, brick work and other similar materials, It has a heavy-duty design and is made from a fully drop forged single piece of Carbon Steel, The cutting edge...

Image of Heavy-Duty Knife Blades (Pack 100) ( 925) - FOO

Heavy-Duty Knife Blades (Pack 100) ( 925) - FOO

These Footprint Heavy-duty Knife Blades are suitable for cutting a variety of materials, including carpet, vinyl, cardboard, leather and canvas, The blades have been oiled to prevent rusting and are suitable to fit most trimming knives, They are supplied...

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