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Image of 120 Heavy-Duty G Clamp 250mm (10in) (REC12010)

120 Heavy-Duty G Clamp 250mm (10in) (REC12010)

IRWIN Record Heavy-Duty 120 Series G-Clamp, Size: 254mm (10 in), Throat depth: 108mm (4 1/4 in), IRWIN Record Heavy-Duty 120 Series G Clamps are the strongest Record clamps, recommended particularly for metal working and fabrication work where a very...

Image of No,5 Mechanics Vice 125mm (5in) (REC5)

No,5 Mechanics Vice 125mm (5in) (REC5)

Record Irwin No,5 Mechanics Vice Jaw Width: 125mm (5in), Record IRWIN Mechanics vices are the most popular and widely used general purpose vice for light to medium-duty applications, The vice has high quality grey iron castings that resist distortion...

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Image of Quick Adjusting Vice 125mm (5in) (RECQA5)

Quick Adjusting Vice 125mm (5in) (RECQA5)

Jaw width: 125mm (5in), Jaw opening: 180mm (7in), Jaw depth: 70mm (2,3/4in), The Irwin Record Quick adjusting vice features a fast release lever to quickly loosen the jaws of the vice and return it to the locked position, greatly reducing the time necessary...

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Image of Vice Jaw Fibre Grips 115mm (4 1/2in) (RECFG412)

Vice Jaw Fibre Grips 115mm (4 1/2in) (RECFG412)

Size, 115mm (4 1/2 in), Designed for fitting to Record vices when holding soft or plated workpieces with highly polished surfaces to provide a firm grip without fear of damage, Special fibre more durable than lead or copper, Supplied in pairs,

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