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Image of Dog Wound Cream (100g) (Multicoloured) - Lillidale

Dog Wound Cream (100g) (Multicoloured) - Lillidale

Ingredients: Tea Tree Oil, Zinc Oxide. Antibacterial, Heals Abrasion, Soothe Minor Cuts.

Image of Lil Wound Cream 100g - 656388 - LILLIDALE

Image of Liquid Dog Skin Ointment (125g) (Multicoloured) - Lillidale

Liquid Dog Skin Ointment (125g) (Multicoloured) - Lillidale

Ingredients: Calamine, Sulphur. Relieves Itching, Soothes Irritated Skin.

Image of Sunblock Powder (35g) (White) - Lillidale

Sunblock Powder (35g) (White) - Lillidale

Ingredients: Titanium Dioxide, Zinc Oxide, Zinc Stearate. Dosage: Apply Daily When There is Intense Sunlight, Apply Using the Sponge Provided. Blocks UVA and UVB Rays, Gives Long Lasting Shine, Non Sticky, Non-Irritant Formula, Protects Against Sunburn....

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