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Image of £9 for the Embellish With Relish Cookbook from Meze Publishing - bring your store cupboard essentials to life!

Image of £9 for The Little Book of Cakes & Bakes - celebrate some of the country's most fabulous culinary creations!

Image of £9 for the Plant Milk Power recipe book from Meze Publishing - learn how to make delicious and nutritious plant-based milk from home!

Image of £9 for the Tasty & Healthy cookbook from Meze Publishing - explore over 90 recipes designed for those with intenstinal disorders like Chrohn's and IBS

Image of £9 for the Vegan North Cookbook from Meze Publishing - enjoy vegan dishes inspired by northern England!

Image of £9 instead of £14.95 for a choice of city cook book from Meze Publishing, featuring recipes from your finest your chosen city's restaurants, gastro pubs, cafes, delis, suppliers and more - pick from over 30 cities and save 40%

Image of £9 instead of £15 for the Sweet Chilli Friday Cookbook from Meze Publishing - enjoy over 60 globally inspired vegetarian dishes and save 40%

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