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Image of 12 Pack Safety Catches

12 Pack Safety Catches

The Dreambaby® Safety Catches can be used to secure cupboards and drawers.Features: • Extra strong design • Easy to use and install • self locking

Image of 2 Flat Screen TV Savers

2 Flat Screen TV Savers

TVs can be dangerous in the home, should they tip or fall. The Dreambaby® TV Savers help prevent a flat screen TV from dangerously tipping over.Features: • Attach to furniture or to walls • Durable all metal fitting straps • Strap adjusts from...

Image of 2-Up Stepstool - Grey/Black

2-Up Stepstool - Grey/Black

Dreambaby® offers a range of products to help children gain a little more independence, like this step stool, which allows your little one to reach the toilet or sink with ease and giving them a sense of independence. The easy to clean, sure...

Image of 3 Sliding Cabinet Locks

3 Sliding Cabinet Locks

The Dreambaby® pack of 3 Sliding Locks are suitable for use with mushroom-shaped knobs or D-shaped handles.Features: • Easily installed • No tools required • Closes with a simple sliding action

Image of 4 Pack Angle Locks

4 Pack Angle Locks

The extra value 4 pack of Dreambaby® Angle Locks are suitable for corner drawers, cabinets, appliances and laundry cabinets.Features: • Its adhesive mechanism means there is no need for screws or drilling into furniture • Easy to install •...

Image of 4 Pack Mini Latches

4 Pack Mini Latches

Dreambaby® offers a wide range of adhesive child safety items that simply stick on to surfaces, with easy-to-remove tape, preventing the need for any screws, drills and damage to furniture or appliances.Features: • The 4 pack of Mini Multi-Purpose...

Image of 6 Pack Spring Latches

6 Pack Spring Latches

A great value pack which includes 6 Spring Loaded Latches.Features: • Easily installed • Screws included • Self locking • To release: Push cabinet or drawer in slightly while pressing down on latch

Image of 9cm Wide Gate Extension

9cm Wide Gate Extension

This Dreambaby® 9cm Gate Extension is for use with either the Liberty White Metal Security Gate or the Liberty Extra-Wide White Metal Security Gate. This will allow you to block off an even wider opening, allowing even more flexibility.Features:•...

Image of Adhesive Mag Lock Kit

Adhesive Mag Lock Kit

The next generation of child safety locks. Concealed within cabinets, cupboards and drawers the Dreambaby® Adhesive Mag Lock® is totally hidden from the outside. The lock can only be released with the use of a powerful magnetic key.Features: •...

Image of Angelcare Seal Bath Thermometer

Angelcare Seal Bath Thermometer

The Angelcare baby bath & room thermometer provides an accurate reading to ensure an optimal temperature of your baby’s bath water or nursery. This charming Happy Seal thermometer will entertain your little one whilst in the bath as it floats on...

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