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Image of 6 Amp 6/12v Smart Car Charger

6 Amp 6/12v Smart Car Charger

6 Amp 6/12v smart car charger, 6/12V6Amp intelligent car & motorcycle smart battery charger.Features:• Microprocessor controlled, 3 step operations with 7 stage charging cycle• Suitable for Batteries-SLA (Sealed Lead Acid)• Wet/Flooded...

Image of OBDII Code Reader

OBDII Code Reader

For professional or home use, reading multiple Diagnostic Trouble Code (DTC) settings. Diagnose & turn off “engine warning” lights.Features:• No batteries needed, just connect the OBDII cable.• Work with all 1996 and newer vehicles that...

Image of Pair of Wheel Grippers

Pair of Wheel Grippers

These durable plastic mega wheel snow grips are perfect for any car in the snow, ice, mud or even in sand. The plastic is unbreakable and can therefore hold any car. They are very easy to use and mean you get more traction. The handy drawstring...

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