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Image of Beko Cosmopolis 1.7L Kettle

Beko Cosmopolis 1.7L Kettle

Part of our stylish new range of breakfast sets, this Cosmopolis 3000W retro jug kettle prepares drinks for the whole family with its substantial 1.7 litre capacity. Easily picked up from any direction, the rotating 360° base allows for flexibility...

Image of Black Diamond Glass Kettle

Black Diamond Glass Kettle

Stylish glass kettle with diamond effect featuring:• 3000W• Rapid boil technology• 1.7 litre water capacity• Water level gauge• 360° rotational base

Image of Bosch Villiage Cordless White Kettle

Bosch Villiage Cordless White Kettle

A compact and stylish design at an affordable price, the Bosch Village Kettle will be a reliable and safe addition to your kitchen. Simple but effective, this model has a large 1.7L capacity, removable limescale filter, 360 degree rotary base...

Image of Breville 1.8L Stainless Steel Water Dispenser

Breville 1.8L Stainless Steel Water Dispenser

Enjoy delicious hot drinks in an instant - the Breville hot cup's patented design means you only boil what you need to save time, money and energy.The Breville hot cup is economical and energy efficient, with no boiled water going to waste which...

Image of Breville Curve Venetian Jug Kettle

Breville Curve Venetian Jug Kettle

This 1.7-litre (8 cup) kettle is just what you would expect from our dramatic Curve collection. Its high capacity is matched by 3 kilowatts of fast-boiling power. Visually striking, with its scalloped texture and beautifully-finish details, this...

Image of Breville Flow Jug Kettle

Breville Flow Jug Kettle

With an elegant flowing textured design, this Breville Flow Jug Kettle will turn heads in any kitchen. Mirror chrome accents give a contemporary twist and illumination adds a soft white glow to your kitchen each time you boil. The 3kW concealed element...

Image of Breville Hot Cup Hot Water Dispenser

Breville Hot Cup Hot Water Dispenser

Ideal for busy households - boils water in less than 1 minute. Dispenses at a touch of a button with an accurate stop function. Features: • 3kW• 1.7 Litre capacity (up to 8 cups)• Large water window• Variable height drip tray• Concealed element•...

Image of Breville Hot Cup Water Dispenser

Breville Hot Cup Water Dispenser

A perfect cuppa in well under a minute! This Breville hotcup, with its sleek new silver look, boils and dispenses a single cup of water at the touch of a button so you only ever boil what you need. With a handy one-touch operation and hinged lid...

Image of Breville Impressions Kettle

Breville Impressions Kettle

The Breville Impressions 1.7 Litre Jug Kettle is stylish, practical and makes a smashing cup of tea. High capacity - It is capable of boiling 8 cups of water for tea, coffee, or almost any other purpose.High power - This kettle boasts a full...

Image of Breville Lustra Jug Kettle

Breville Lustra Jug Kettle

Add a touch of glamour to your kitchen scheme with this Lustra Collection jug kettle by Breville. Glistening, pearlescent finish is complemented by polished chrome details to give a luxurious feel. An illuminated water window also adds a soft white...

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