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Image of Angels' Trumpets

Angels' Trumpets

Richly scented blooms. Bushy and compact. Patio feature. Height: 5m (15ft)

Image of Banana - Exotic Seed Collection

Banana - Exotic Seed Collection

Decorative, huge leaves rivalling any expensive mature house plants. Grows 3ft in the first four months!

Image of Bonsai Trees (Mixed)

Bonsai Trees (Mixed)

A carefully chosen blend of conifer and deciduous trees to help you produce a wide range of Bonsai styles. Fascinating, rewarding subjects and some real gems. Illustation showing 2 types

Image of Buddleja davidii (Mixed)

Buddleja davidii (Mixed)

A strong growing easy to raise shrub producing fragrant plumes during the summer which are much loved by butterflies. Saved from named varieties. Flowers summer. Height & Spread: 8x 6ft (240x180cm)

Image of Cactus 'Special Mixed' - Exotic Seed Collection

Cactus 'Special Mixed' - Exotic Seed Collection

An exciting mix of all sorts of easy to grow cacti, which are all well suited to window sills, sun rooms or greenhouses. It's easy to grow a cactus, and this fun mix means that you never know quite what you are going to grow!

Image of Eucalyptus citriodora 'Lemon Bush'

Eucalyptus citriodora 'Lemon Bush'

A quick and easy to grow species with slender stems and unusual sword shaped silvery-green foliage, which becomes tinged with red as autumn approaches. If you crush the foliage it gives off a refreshing spicy lemon aroma which is known to deter mosquitoes,...

Image of Feijoa sellowiana

Feijoa sellowiana

Fuchsia-like blooms followed by delicious guava-flavoured, green fruit. Hardy in mild winter areas.

Image of Lavender 'Ellagance Sky'

Lavender 'Ellagance Sky'

A stunning first year flowering Lavender with large, attractive, fragrant, sky-blue spikes on strong stems, reaching out from bushy well branched plants. A long lasting addition to borders or containers, attracting bees and butterflies to your garden....

Image of Lavender (French)

Lavender (French)

Flaring petals from compact bracts crown slender stems. Very attractive bushes of aromatic grey/green foliage. Favoured by citizens of the Roman Empire for fragrance. Easy to grow and trouble free.

Image of Musa lasiocarpa

Musa lasiocarpa

An unusual dwarf hardy banana reputed to be able to take temperatures as low as -10C (14F). This banana has exotic leaves followed by a yellow globular flower, once established. Plant in sun or partial shade outdoors or indoors in containers

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