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Image of Aubergine 'Money Maker' F1 Hybrid

Image of Climbing Bean 'Monte Cristo'

Climbing Bean 'Monte Cristo'

New breeding has produced this tasty French bean which crops heavily over a long picking season. The tender, bright green pods grow up to 25cm (10) in length, remaining stringless and crisp even if harvesting is delayed for a few days.

Image of Climbing Bean 'Monte Gusto'

Climbing Bean 'Monte Gusto'

Climbing Bean ?Monte Gusto? produces attractive pale golden pods that taste as good as they look! Uniform crops are produced in heavy yields throughout the cropping season.

Image of Courgette 'El Greco'

Courgette 'El Greco'

With an erect, open habit, it?s easy to harvest the fruits of Courgette ?El Greco?. The glossy, slightly speckled, mid green cylindrical courgettes have a superb flavour without any bitterness.

Image of Courgette 'Jemmer' F1 hybrid

Courgette 'Jemmer' F1 hybrid

Add some colour to your dinner plate with the golden fruits of Courgette ?Jemmer?. This vigorous F1 hybrid produces smooth, cylindrical courgettes with bright yellow skins and a delicious flavour. Courgette ?Jemmer? shows good resistance to powdery mildew,...

Image of Courgette 'Summer Ball' F1 Hybrid

Courgette 'Summer Ball' F1 Hybrid

A first for British breeding! Unique, 'dual-purpose', Courgette 'Summer Ball' can be grown as a courgette or as a pumpkin! Compact, bushy plants produce bright-yellow, rounded fruits which can be cut early as courgettes or left to mature to larger 1kg...

Image of Dwarf Bean 'Maxi'

Dwarf Bean 'Maxi'

This compact dwarf bean produces an abundance of quick maturing, long green pods, reaching up to 20cm (8) in length. Dwarf Bean 'Maxi' bears its crop above the foliage making easier harvesting and preventing damage from soil splash.

Image of Dwarf Bean 'Primavera'

Dwarf Bean 'Primavera'

Dwarf Bean 'Primavera' is a highly productive variety, delivering huge yields of glossy, green pods. The straight pods are full of flavour and easy to pick. This hard working variety boasts a neat, compact habit and good resistance to disease and adverse...

Image of Dwarf Bean 'Voletta'

Dwarf Bean 'Voletta'

This productive dwarf French Bean produces excellent yields of straight, bright yellow pods with a crunchy texture and a delicious flavour. Dwarf Bean 'Voletta' delivers heavy yields over a long season, with regular picking.

Image of Gold Ceramic Pot

Gold Ceramic Pot

An attractive, contemporary ceramic pot to give your house plant display that finishing touch.

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