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Image of Agrostemma githago 'Ocean Pearl'

Agrostemma githago 'Ocean Pearl'

Bred by Thompson & Morgan, this tall, erect Agrostemma bears unusual, large, pure white flowers with distinctive black speckled markings. Corn Cockle is an easy to grow annual and thrives on poor soils. The delicate flowers attract bees and make delightful...

Image of Aster 'Carpet Ball Mixed'

Aster 'Carpet Ball Mixed'

Thick clustered, tightly-knit blooms create a colourful floral carpet. China aster 'Carpet Ball Mixed' produces neat, mound-shaped plants with the foliage almost obscured by the fully double flowers. These superb, low maintenance annuals flower over...

Image of Beetroot 'Cardeal' F1 Hybrid (Globe) - Kew Collection Seeds

Beetroot 'Cardeal' F1 Hybrid (Globe) - Kew Collection Seeds

Beta vulgaris varconditiva. Easy to grow, Beet Cardeal produces golf ball sized, succulent baby beets with very sweet, smooth skinned rich red fleshed roots

Image of Broccoli 'Rudolph' (Purple Sprouting)

Broccoli 'Rudolph' (Purple Sprouting)

One of the earliest, Broccoli Early Sprouting Rudolph produces tasty large spears. If you live in a colder climate then you can still expect early harvests from mid February. Height: 90cm (35). Spread: 60cm (24).

Image of Cabbage 'Colour Dual Mix' (Autumn/Winter)

Cabbage 'Colour Dual Mix' (Autumn/Winter)

Shred this 'baby pointed' green and red cabbage duo for a colourful and tasty coleslaw! Also delicious when cooked, they both have a mild, sweet taste. Ideal for cutting as autumn/winter greens or, if spaced closer together, as a semi-heart.

Image of Cabbage 'Kalibos' (Autumn)

Cabbage 'Kalibos' (Autumn)

An old Eastern European heirloom producing unique, red pointed hearts. Cabbage Kalibos is best grown for late summer and autumn use when firm, solid hearts have few waste outer leaves. Ideal shredded raw in salads as the colour reduces on cooking.

Image of Carrot 'Paris Market Atlas' - Kew Collection Seeds

Carrot 'Paris Market Atlas' - Kew Collection Seeds

Perfect for snacking! The globe shaped rich orange roots of Carrot 'Atlas' are deliciously sweet and crunchy with virtually coreless flesh. These bite sized carrots are ideal for eating raw in salads or steaming as a mini vegetable. A great choice for...

Image of Carrot 'Sweet Candle' F1 Hybrid

Carrot 'Sweet Candle' F1 Hybrid

This Japanese bred carrot has beautifully smooth, orange skin and blunt, cylindrical roots. The bright orange flesh is virtually coreless with a superb sweet flavour. With excellent uniformity, Carrot 'Sweet Candle' is a popular variety late summer and...

Image of Celery 'Victoria' F1 Hybrid

Celery 'Victoria' F1 Hybrid

Self blanching, crisp, succulent apple green stems.

Image of Climbing Bean 'Goldfield'

Climbing Bean 'Goldfield'

Flat, fleshy, stringless, golden yellow pods make Climbing Bean 'Goldfield' an attractive addition to the vegetable plot. The delicious, 25cm (10) long waxpods are early to mature and can be harvested throughout the summer. This colourful French Bean...

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