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Image of Diascia 'Sundiascia Eternal Flames'

Diascia 'Sundiascia Eternal Flames'

With flower spires to rival those of lupins, this new series of diascia will stop you in your tracks! Flowering for months on end and hardy to boot, 'Eternal Flamesis a really special perennial - order some today!

Image of Geranium Hardy Duo

Geranium Hardy Duo

Get ready for a duo which combines two fantastic geraniums to add the wow factor to your garden displays. Hardy Geraniums have always been a British stable and Geranium pratense 'Cloud Nine' has easily become one of our customer favourites! The fully...

Image of Gypsophila repens 'Rosea'

Gypsophila repens 'Rosea'

Gypsophila repens 'Rosea' is a low, creeping plant that makes lovely ground cover for rockeries and gravel gardens. Sprays of tiny pink flowers appear in summer, above the semi-evergreen foliage.

Image of Osteospermum 'Blue Eyed Beauty'

Osteospermum 'Blue Eyed Beauty'

Stunning blue eyes compliment the sunshine yellow petals of 'Blue Eyed Beauty'. Famed for their long flowering period, these gorgeous Osteospermums are drought tolerant and simply love the sun. Height and spread: 40cm (16)

Image of Osteospermum 'Bright Eyed' Duo

Osteospermum 'Bright Eyed' Duo

Few plants are as cheerful as African Daisies! Their bright blooms open wide to greet the sun with a dazzling display that lasts the summer. This colourful Duo brings together two modern varieties with exotic colouring and neat, compact habits.

Image of Osteospermum 'Erato Double Ice Blue'

Osteospermum 'Erato Double Ice Blue'

The flowers of this new double African daisy are almost electric! Osteospermum erato 'Double Ice Blue? has nearly white single petals which contrast with the blue-edged double centre to create a truly eye-catching display of spectacular colour.

Image of Osteospermum jucundum var. compactum (Hardy)

Osteospermum jucundum var. compactum (Hardy)

Hardy African daisies are plants with attitude; they survive drought and neglect and soldier on to form a pretty mat of impenetrable ground cover, which easily suppresses weeds. And after all this there's still enough energy to flower heavily from June...

Image of Osteospermum 'Sunny Gaia'

Osteospermum 'Sunny Gaia'

The sumptuous, burgundy blooms of Osteospermum 'Sunny Gaia' have a velvety appearance that brings a touch of luxury to summer displays. This showy African Daisy is free flowering with a neat, clump forming habit.

Image of Outdoor Rusted Round Planter

Outdoor Rusted Round Planter

Order an attractive, rustic planter that?s simply overflowing with a fabulous selection of alpine and rockery favourites.

Image of Portulaca 'Stopwatch Mix'

Portulaca 'Stopwatch Mix'

These showy annuals just love the heat. Plant them out in a sunny rockery, or let their trailing stems tumble over the sides of a patio container or window box. Throughout summer these carefree plants boast double flowers in a startling range of tropical...

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