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Image of Alyssum 'Alice Golf Mixed'

Alyssum 'Alice Golf Mixed'

A lovely mix two varieties, ?Golf and ?Alice?! Alyssum ?Golf? provides the gentle tones of white, lilac and pale mauve, while ?Alice? offers contrast with its dazzling white blooms. The sweetly fragrant flowers are borne in profusion throughout the summer...

Image of Antirrhinum 'Mini Butterflies Mixed'

Antirrhinum 'Mini Butterflies Mixed'

Dwarf variety of long-standing garden favourite. Much-loved by gardeners for its showy blooms in an array of bright colours and its fun bubblegum fragrance, Antirrhinum 'Madame Butterfly' now has a brand-new compact cousin to enjoy on the patio as well...

Image of Bonsai Drip Feeder

Bonsai Drip Feeder

Feeding your Bonsai plants couldn?t be easier with this ?ready to use? drip feeder! Application couldn?t be simpler. Snip off the end of a ?ready to use? dripper and insert the cut end into the compost.

Image of Brassica Summer Collection

Brassica Summer Collection

The answer to thousands of gardeners? prayers! After over 18 years of conventional breeding against this devastating brassica disease, we are pleased to offer four of the most clubrootresistant varieties ever grown in T&M trials.

Image of Climbing Bean Collection

Climbing Bean Collection

Climbing French Beans are easy to grow, producing heavy crops throughout the summer if picked regularly. This superb collection brings together 3 high yielding varieties, all producing stringless beans with a fabulous flavour.

Image of Cucumber Glasshouse Duo

Cucumber Glasshouse Duo

Bella and Nimrod make a perfect greenhouse cucumber duo - both female types, Bella will produce good yields of long, 35cm (14in) cucumbers, while Nimrod will give you a bumper crop of snack-sized, 'baby' cucumbers.

Image of Dwarf Bean Collection

Dwarf Bean Collection

Enjoy prolific crops of Dwarf French Beans from these carefully picked varieties. Combining both green and yellow podded cultivars, all with a delicious flavour. Dwarf French Beans are easy to grow, even on the smallest plots.

Image of Gooseberry Giggles Collection

Gooseberry Giggles Collection

This superb collection of Gooseberries will provide you with a fabulous range of juicy fruits, all with their own unique flavour. The Gooseberry ?Giggles? range produces plump, rounded, smooth-skinned berries that complement each other to perfection.

Image of Gooseberry 'Giggles Red'

Gooseberry 'Giggles Red'

This worthwhile variety produces good crops of smooth skinned, red fruits that have a juicy, berry flavour. The crops are borne in profusion in summer, making a delicious snack or dessert fruit.

Image of Hardy English Lavender

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