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Image of Artichoke 'Imperial Star'

Artichoke 'Imperial Star'

Artichoke 'Imperial Star' is an impressive cropper even in its first year, forming very large buds, for an early harvest. Artichokes are imposing plants, grown for their large edible flower buds

Image of Artichoke 'Italian Purple'

Artichoke 'Italian Purple'

Artichoke 'Italian Purple' is a more succulent variety than most of the green artichokes, they also have a more ornamental aspect in the garden too!

Image of Cucumber 'Dominica' F1 Hybrid

Cucumber 'Dominica' F1 Hybrid

Cucumber 'Dominica' F! hybrid is a strong, vigorous variety that produces long fruits that has a thin skin that does not need peeling. 'Dominica' has a strong resistance to powdery mildew and will produce a large harvest.

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