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Image of Begonia 'Bossa Nova Night Fever Papaya'

Begonia 'Bossa Nova Night Fever Papaya'

Begonia 'Bossa Nova Night Fever Papaya? will bring the carnival to your patio this summer! Dark, grey-green foliage and burnt orange blooms make a dramatic contrast. This superb introduction is a hybrid of Begonia boliviensis, with the same cascading...

Image of Begonia 'Buffey'

Begonia 'Buffey'

The lemony-peach blooms of Begonia 'Buffey' will fill your patio with sunshine all summer long. Double, shapely rosettes of petals create a full and fabulous display.

Image of Begonia elatior 'Dreams Garden MacaRouge'

Begonia elatior 'Dreams Garden MacaRouge'

This gorgeous little Begonia ?wowed the crowds? at the 2019 Flower Trials and scooped the coveted FleuroStar Award!Begonia elatior 'Dreams Garden MacaRouge' is a real eye-catcher with single, scarlet-red blooms that sing out against a neat mound of dark...

Image of Begonia 'Funky Orange'

Begonia 'Funky Orange'

Now here?s a Begonia that really knows how to strut its stuff! Begonia ?Funky Orange? is covered with a profusion of glowing orange blooms throughout summer. This showy variety has a unique flower shape with layers of jagged-edged petals that explode...

Image of Begonia 'Funky White'

Begonia 'Funky White'

Dazzling white blooms, with a unique flower shape, explode above a mound of dark foliage. Begonia 'Funky White' produces masses of weather tolerant, fully double flowers throughout the summer.

Image of Begonia 'Gryphon'

Begonia 'Gryphon'

Grown for its astonishing foliage, Begonia 'Gryphon' makes a fabulous focal point for the conservatory or patio during the warm summer months. The broad, palmate leaves are glossy dark green, overlaid with intricate splashes of silver. The underside of...

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