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Image of Black Sunflower Seeds

Black Sunflower Seeds

A high oil treat that is a great alternative to peanuts. The husks make great compost too!

Image of Fat Balls (90g)

Fat Balls (90g)

Full of energy and made from the best quality suet possible, these low on mess fat balls offer many essential vitamins for flying visitors. They are particularly popular with a variety of finches, but can also attract more unusual visitors, such as blackcaps...

Image of Meal Worms (Bag)

Meal Worms (Bag)

Happy Beaks mealworm bags are packed with protein and make for the perfect grub treat. Available in various sizes.

Image of Meal Worms (Tub)

Meal Worms (Tub)

Mealworm tubs provided a high protein grub snack for garden birds, in various sizes, these are perfect for birds of many breeds.

Image of Niger Seed

Niger Seed

A tiny seed that is both rich in oil and highly nutritious. Loved by goldfinches.

Image of Peanuts - Aflatoxin Tested

Peanuts - Aflatoxin Tested

Our high quality aflatoxin tested peanuts are high in protein and oil and are great when offered to garden birds in a peanut feeder.

Image of Peanut splits

Peanut splits

Bird nuts, split up for easier feeding. An oil-rich energy hit loved by birds of many varieties.

Image of Sunflower Hearts

Sunflower Hearts

Sunflower Hearts are a fantastic low mess option with a very high calorie to weight ratio.

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