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Image of Cabbage 'Cordesa' (Autumn Savoy)

Cabbage 'Cordesa' (Autumn Savoy)

Cabbage 'Cordesa' is the first club root resistant variety of savoy cabbage. Compact heads of heavily wrinkled leaves form heavy, round heads. This productive variety stands well, so there?s no need to harvest them all at the same time.

Image of Cabbage 'Lodero' F1 Hybrid (Autumn Red Cabbage)

Cabbage 'Lodero' F1 Hybrid (Autumn Red Cabbage)

Cabbage ?Lodero? is the first clubroot resistant variety of Red Cabbage. Tight, rounded heads of purple-red leaves are produced with good uniformity. This superb maincrop can be harvested from late autumn as the heads mature, and will store well after...

Image of Cauliflower Late Summer Collection

Cauliflower Late Summer Collection

These are a mix of excellent, late summer cauliflowers and are superbly delicious.

Image of Cauliflower Romanesco Continuity Collection

Cauliflower Romanesco Continuity Collection

Cauliflower Romanesco continuity collection is a wonderful mix of three great varieties. It contains 21 plants, three of each variety.

Image of Cauliflower Trio Mixed

Cauliflower Trio Mixed

This is a stunning mix of tri-colour cauliflowers which are just as scrumptious as they are attractive!

Image of Celeriac 'Brilliant'

Celeriac 'Brilliant'

Celeriac is delicious vegetable that deserves greater popularity. This versatile vegetable can be enjoyed roasted or mashed, or added to soups and stews for a rich and tangy Celery flavour.

Image of Celery 'Golden Spartan'

Celery 'Golden Spartan'

Celery 'Golden Spartan' produces generous crops of pale stems with an outstanding flavour! This self-blanching variety shows good resistance to bolting and is surprisingly easy to grow.

Image of Courgette Twin Pack

Courgette Twin Pack

This twin pack of two amazing varieties of courgette is a must have for any vegetable garden or allotment.

Image of Cucumber 'Carmen' F1 Hybrid Grafted

Cucumber 'Carmen' F1 Hybrid Grafted

Cucumber 'Carmen' is a unique variety with resistance to all known strains of powdery mildew, scab and leaf-spot, making it ideal for organic gardeners.

Image of Cucumber 'Merlin'

Cucumber 'Merlin'

Cucumber 'Merlin' is perfect for the greenhouse or a polytunnel. This all-female variety produces excellent crops of short, smooth skinned fruits measuring up to 15cm, with a mild flavour and no bitter aftertaste.

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