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Image of Airplant Terrarium

Airplant Terrarium

Airplants are the ultimate in low maintenance houseplants, and what better way to show them off than this eye-catching glass terrarium? Our Airplant Terrarium Kit comes with everything that you need to create a fascinating focal point in your home or...

Image of Anthurium Aqua - Gift

Anthurium Aqua - Gift

Simple and stylish, this elegant Anthurium comes in a clear glass vase, allowing you to admire its twining network of roots. This eye-catching soiless display makes a fascinating focal point that captures the latest trend for hydroponic house plants.

Image of Azalea Hoop 'Red' (House Plant) - Gift

Azalea Hoop 'Red' (House Plant) - Gift

This stunning Azalea hoop really is a gift with the 'wow factor'! Glossy evergreen foliage and ruffled red blooms are carefully trained into a floral wreath to bring plenty of festive cheer, and make an elegant house plant long after you've taken down...

Image of Azalea Purple Rosebud - Gift

Azalea Purple Rosebud - Gift

The dense canopy of vibrant purple flowers on this stunning azalea will astound you! The showy ruffled blooms last for weeks on this compact plant, long after the Christmas decorations come down.

Image of Bee House and Planter - Gift

Bee House and Planter - Gift

The perfect gift for your wildlife-conscious friends and family! This adorable Bee House and Planter makes a welcome 'stopover' for nesting bees, and provides a nectar-rich snack when they emerge!

Image of Begonia Rex Trio - Gift

Begonia Rex Trio - Gift

Add a splash of colour to shaded rooms. Our Begonia rex Trio features 3 distinctive cultivars with beautifully patterned leaves. They may look exotic, but these shade loving house plants are surprisingly easy to grow.

Image of Bonsai Portulacaria (House Plant)

Bonsai Portulacaria (House Plant)

Portulacaria afra is a shrubby African succulent which makes an excellent Bonsai for beginners! Unlike most Bonsai which need regular and careful watering, this tough little plant will cope perfectly well if you forget for a few days.

Image of Cactus with Santa Face and Hat - Gift

Cactus with Santa Face and Hat - Gift

This spiky little Santa is guaranteed to raise a smile! With a fluffy white moustache and bright red outfit, he's sure to add some festive fun to your home.

Image of Dracaena 'Victory' in Bottle & Stand - Gift

Dracaena 'Victory' in Bottle & Stand - Gift

Bring your plant displays bang up to date with this stylish bottle planter and stand. The clear glass reveals a spiralling network of roots, giving a fascinating view that is usually hidden beneath the soil. With its cream and green variegated foliage,...

Image of Flowering House Plant Potting Starter Pack

Flowering House Plant Potting Starter Pack

We?ve taken the hassle out of house plants, with this handy kit! Each Flowering House Plant Potting Starter Pack contains everything you need to keep your house plants looking at their best.

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