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Image of Crocus 'Bicolour Collection'

Crocus 'Bicolour Collection'

Everyone knows and loves crocus - a staple of the spring garden and a sure sign that a new season is on its way. But did you know there were so many different varieties? Here's a special collection of two-toned and coloursplashed flowers which would be...

Image of Crocus 'Large Dutch Collection'

Crocus 'Large Dutch Collection'

The bright blooms of Crocus 'Large Dutch Collection' sparkle like precious gems in late winter, when few other plants would dare to brave the cold. These beautiful spring-flowering Crocus are perfect for lighting up the bare soil beneath deciduous trees,...

Image of Crocus 'Ruby Giant'

Crocus 'Ruby Giant'

Crocus 'Ruby Giant' emerges in February and March with large, goblet-shaped purple flowers which have a lovely glossy sheen. As the sun shines on these beauties, the flowers open to reveal a pale lilac centre and contrasting bright yellow stamens. A superb...

Image of Crocus Value Mix

Crocus Value Mix

For a sparkling spring show, these colourful crocuses are hard to beat. Perfect for planting in rockeries, naturalising in grass, or growing in large groups beneath trees and shrubs. Just scatter a handful of bulbs and plant them where they fall for a...

Image of Crocus 'Yellow Mammoth'

Crocus 'Yellow Mammoth'

Specially selected for the extremely bright yellow, super-sized blooms.

Image of Narcissus 'Citrus Sorbet'

Narcissus 'Citrus Sorbet'

For a superb spring display of mixed Daffodils, our Narcissus 'Citrus Sorbet' is just the answer. A mixed variety of bulbs, that when in flower produce a lovely display of various types of Narcissus, with different shades of creams, yellows and oranges...

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