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Image of Allium Collection 100 & 200 Bulb Mixes

Allium Collection 100 & 200 Bulb Mixes

Alliums are prized by gardeners for their stiff, upright habit that lends structure and colour to early summer borders. This superb collection brings together 4 unusual species which are particularly well suited to gravel gardens and rockeries. When planted...

Image of All Year Lawn Feed

All Year Lawn Feed

Give your lawn a boost with Doff's All Year Lawn Feed. This fast acting lawn feed is specially formulated to provide your grass with everything it needs to produce healthy, green growth. This balanced lawn feed is suitable for use on newly sown lawns...

Image of Baby Bio Houseplant Drip Feeder

Baby Bio Houseplant Drip Feeder

The same tried and tested house plant fertiliser that British gardeners have come to trust ? but in a convenient pre-mixed, ready to use solution!

Image of Baby Bio Houseplant Food

Baby Bio Houseplant Food

Feed your house plants with one of Britain?s leading brands of plant food ? tried and trusted for over 60 years! Over time, house plants use up the available nutrients in the soil and these need replenishing in order to keep your plants in perfect health.

Image of Baby Bio Leaf Shine

Baby Bio Leaf Shine

Keep your house plants in tip-top condition with Baby Bio Leaf Shine. This long lasting foliar spray will leave your favourite plants with a natural looking shine, without the need for dusting or polishing.

Image of Baby Bio Orchid Drip Feeder

Baby Bio Orchid Drip Feeder

Keep your Orchids in perfect condition with these ?easy to use? Baby Bio Orchid Drip Feeders. Each dripper contains a pre-mixed solution of plant fertiliser, specially formulated to promote healthy leaf growth and vibrant blooms that will last for up...

Image of Begonia 'Apricot Shades' Pre-Planted

Begonia 'Apricot Shades' Pre-Planted

When all risk of frost has passed, gradually acclimatise pre-planted patio pot to outdoor conditions over a period of 7 to 10 days before placing in their final positions. Grow begonias in a sunny or semi-shaded position.

Image of Begonia Fertiliser

Begonia Fertiliser

These high quality fertiliser granules release a constant, controlled supply of nutrients to your begonias without wastage or leaching. Just one application feeds your begonias for the whole season. Easy to apply - just mix it with compost when potting...

Image of Cacti Drip Feeder

Cacti Drip Feeder

Feeding your Cacti plants couldn?t be easier with this ?ready to use? drip feeder! Application couldn?t be simpler. Snip off the end of a ?ready to use? dripper and insert the cut end into the compost.

Image of Campsis x tagliabuana 'Summer Jazz - Gold'

Campsis x tagliabuana 'Summer Jazz - Gold'

The Summer Jazz series of the Trumpet Vine are compact and not as vigorous as other varieties. Campsis tagliabuana 'Gold' has showy rich golden-yellow trumpet-shaped flowers, lasting well into autumn.

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