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Image of Asclepias incarnata 'Cinderella'

Asclepias incarnata 'Cinderella'

Commonly known as Swamp Milkweed, this charming hardy perennial makes an unusual addition to sunny borders. The upright stems are cloaked in elegant, slender foliage and topped with particularly dense clusters of pink blooms.

Image of Asclepias incarnata 'Ice Ballet'

Asclepias incarnata 'Ice Ballet'

The upright stems of Asclepias incarnata 'Ice Ballet' are topped with dense clusters of pristine white blooms, from mid-summer to autumn. The nectar rich flowers are a magnet for butterflies.

Image of Asclepias tuberosa

Asclepias tuberosa

Showy and ostentatious, the upright stems of Asclepias tuberosa are topped with clusters of golden-orange blooms that sport backward sweeping sepals. The butterfly weed is aptly named, attracting crowds of butterflies and bees to its nectar rich blooms...

Image of Calamondin Orange - Citrus Trellis (House Plant)

Image of Crocus 'Pickwick'

Image of Fuchsia 'BluTini'

Image of Fuchsia Colour Collection (Hardy)

Fuchsia Colour Collection (Hardy)

Hardy Fuchsias are garden treasures, flowering continuously from summer through to autumn, returning year after year. These hard-working, deciduous shrubs are effortlessly elegant, with pendant blooms that dangle from their branching stems, against a...

Image of Fuchsia 'Display' (Hardy)

Fuchsia 'Display' (Hardy)

For a little piece of perfection in your garden, look no further than this Fuchsia! Each of its pretty pink and red flowers is a delight with its beautifully curving petals, and silky smooth texture. All summer long, from June to September, the showy...

Image of Fuchsia 'Doctor Foster' (Hardy)

Image of Fuchsia 'Dollar Princess' (Hardy)

Fuchsia 'Dollar Princess' (Hardy)

Hardy fuchsias will rescue a fading summer garden with a flurry of blooms that last well into autumn. Great among shrubs in borders or as a colourful addition to containers; they'll become more impressive as the years go by. They'll become a staple feature...

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