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Image of Aubergine 'Madonna Grafted' F1 Hybrid

Aubergine 'Madonna Grafted' F1 Hybrid

Enduringly popular, this French bred variety produces flavoursome, long, oval fruits with beautiful glossy purple skins. Aubergine 'Madonna Grafted' is early ripening and continues to crop heavily throughout the season.

Image of Chilli Pepper 'Amboy' Grafted

Chilli Pepper 'Amboy' Grafted

If you like a little more chilli in your recipes, try Chilli Pepper ?Amboy?! This superb variety produces particularly large, tapering fruits reaching up to 15cm (6) long. The tangy, medium hot Chilli Peppers ripen from pale green to deep red during the...

Image of Chilli Pepper 'Big Devil' (Hot)

Chilli Pepper 'Big Devil' (Hot)

Large crops of long green and red peppers are borne in abundance upon well branched plants. Chilli Pepper ?Big Daddy? is a fiery pepper with a spicy flavour - the perfect choice for making hot tabasco sauce! This productive variety has a compact growth...

Image of Chilli Pepper 'Chocolate Habanero' (Atomic)

Chilli Pepper 'Chocolate Habanero' (Atomic)

This chocolatey brown pepper looks harmless enough ?Don?t be fooled, it packs an extraordinary punch of up to 425,000 Scoville units per pepper, make it one of the hottest! If you can take the heat, then these large Habaneros also have a rich and smokey...

Image of Chilli Pepper 'Jamaican Yellow' (Hot)

Chilli Pepper 'Jamaican Yellow' (Hot)

Peppers grow prolifically on compact plants that are 60cm (2ft) tall and are about 5cm (2in) long. Matures from dark green to bright yellow. This hot pepper is given a ranking of 350,000 Scoville Heat units.The crumpled pods of this fiery pepper ripen...

Image of Chilli Pepper 'Naga Red' (Hot)

Chilli Pepper 'Naga Red' (Hot)

Chilli Pepper 'Naga Red' will add plenty of heat to your favourite dishes. The tapered fruits are produced freely, ripening from pale green to scarlet. Chilli Peppers make an attractive plant for a sunny, sheltered spot on the patio, but have the best...

Image of Cucumber 'Baby Rocky'

Cucumber 'Baby Rocky'

This vigorous variety produces delicious, snack-size fruits that are perfect for lunch boxes, salads and picnics. Cucumber 'Baby Rocky' is a heavy cropper and early to ripen. The smooth-skinned fruits are just 9cm (4?) long with crisp flesh and an excellent...

Image of Cucumber 'Corentine'

Cucumber 'Corentine'

This tasty Gherkin variety is perfect for pickling! Fruiting early in the season, Cucumber ?Corentine? produces masses of 10-15cm (4-6?) fruits with crisp, seedless flesh and dark, short-spined skins that make a delicious snack. This vigorous variety...

Image of Dwarf Bean 'Elegance'

Image of Melon Grafted Duo

Melon Grafted Duo

Enjoy the refreshing taste of melons harvested straight from your own garden. This duo of grafted plants will produce delicious, juicy fruits in your greenhouse or a sheltered sunny spot outdoors. Give these vigorous F1 hybrids plenty of space and you...

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