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Image of Balcony Planter

Balcony Planter

When space is at a premium, these sturdy planters are the easy way to add a splash of colour. Designed with built in hangers, they are easy to install on balconies, garden railings, fences and handrails. Even without a garden, you can create a dazzling...

Image of Basil 'D-Fencesil'

Basil 'D-Fencesil'

Whether you are making your own Pesto or just popping a few leaves into your salad, this tasty Genovese variety is perfect for every culinary use.

Image of Chives 'Allium Prado'

Chives 'Allium Prado'

Chives are a bulbous perennial which are very popular in most herb gardens as they are easy to grow and require little maintenance.

Image of Flower Pouch Grow Kit

Flower Pouch Grow Kit

Everything you need with our Flower Pouch Grow Kit to enjoy a fabulous display of colour on your walls and fences! This collection comprises; 2 x Printed Flower Pouches™, 2 x 10 litre incredicoir packs, 1 x 100g incredibloom® pack, and 1 pair...

Image of Flower & Veg Growing Pouch™

Flower & Veg Growing Pouch™

Improved customer favourite now takes even more compost and with its new design, offers background colour even before your plants have filled out. The versatile planter is also great for edible crops including herbs, salad leaves and strawberries!

Image of Frost Protection Fleece

Frost Protection Fleece

Frost protection fleece is a quick, easy and cost effective way to protect your plants on cold nights. A single layer provides -2/-3°C protection, which can be increased by folding to -5/-6°C. Perfect for those slightly tender plants that just need...

Image of Mint 'Jessicas Sweet Pear'

Mint 'Jessicas Sweet Pear'

The Mint, Jessica?s Sweet Pear is a popular mint variety.

Image of Mint 'Moroccan'

Mint 'Moroccan'

Moroccan mint is likely one of the most well-known varieties and is very popular due to its sweet flavour.

Image of Mint 'Strawberry'

Mint 'Strawberry'

Strawberry mint is a lovely and slightly different variety of a well-loved herb.

Image of Oregano 'Hot and Spicy'

Oregano 'Hot and Spicy'

With a peppery flavour, Oregano 'Hot and Spicy' will bring a kick to your cooking! This perennial herb is fully hardy and easy to grow, producing plenty of aromatic leaves from spring to late summer.

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