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Image of Amelanchier canadensis

Amelanchier canadensis

Starry, white flowers decorate the branches of the Serviceberry in spring, just as the young, bronze foliage emerges. The new leaves quickly mature to bright green throughout the summer, before colouring to orange, gold and red for an exceptional autumn...

Image of Anemone blanda

Anemone blanda

Daisy-like flowers stretch out their petals to form a carpet of dazzling colour. These spreading woodland perennials create a great profusion of charming blue, pink and white anemone flowers over many weeks throughout spring.

Image of Arbutus unedo 'Compacta'

Arbutus unedo 'Compacta'

Highly unusual, the Strawberry Tree produces sweetly fragrant, lily of the valley-like flowers and tasty, bright red fruits that take almost a year to ripen! So next year's blooms are out when the fruits are reddening to ripeness, creating a fabulous...

Image of Berberis darwinii 'Nana'

Berberis darwinii 'Nana'

Banish all thoughts of greying perms and lacklustre knitting patterns, because this 'Nana' is far from drab. The evergreen Barberry plant is fast-growing and low-maintenance, providing excellent ground cover or making a durable, low hedge. However, the...

Image of Berberis x media 'Red Jewel'

Berberis x media 'Red Jewel'

Berberis x media 'Red Jewel' could just as easily have been christened 'Rainbow', for its semi-evergreen, bronze-red foliage turns a green colour, followed by a dark purple, as the season progresses. The hardy shrub's changing palette is complemented...

Image of Berberis x ottawensis 'Auricoma'

Berberis x ottawensis 'Auricoma'

Berberis x ottawensis 'Auricoma' is easily recognisable because its dense, purple-red leaves stand out amongst other plants' green foliage. This unusual tone contrasts with the bright, yellow flowers this Barberry produces in the early spring. It also...

Image of Black Hanging Basket

Black Hanging Basket

Create your best ever hanging basket display with this superb set ? perfect for positioning either side of a doorway or decorating your patio! Our useful black hanging baskets are designed to create a full display, and they couldn?t be easier to plant...

Image of Blueberry 'Elliot'

Blueberry 'Elliot'

A leading late cropping variety, Blueberry 'Elliot' boasts white flowers with a delicate pink tinge, which are then followed by medium sized berries and crimson red foliage in the autumn.

Image of Box (Hedging)

Box (Hedging)

The must-have evergreen for topiary fans! A compact habit, dense glossy foliage, and ability to bounce back from a hard prune make box the ideal starter plant for budding topiarists. Keep it simple with pyramids and spheres, or get really creative with...

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Image of Brachyglottis 'Sunshine'

Brachyglottis 'Sunshine'

This resilient little shrub forms a natural mound of silvery-grey leaves, each covered in a downy layer of fine hairs.

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