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Image of 100 Days of Colour Bulb Collection

Image of 85 Wildlife Friendly Bulb Collection

Image of Acer palmatum 'Bi hoo'

Acer palmatum 'Bi hoo'

Acer palmatum ?Bi hoo? is perfect for adding an extra dimension of interest and colour to your garden. The amazing acer will have leaves that appear in spring with a salmon pink flush to them, as the seasons progress they will turn shades of yellow and...

Image of Acer palmatum 'Seiryu'

Acer palmatum 'Seiryu'

Acer palmatum ?Seiryu? is a beautiful tree that is perfect for medium sized gardens. This Japanese Maple is ideal for gardens with a Japanese theme, but also suits a wide range of garden styles, including rockeries and also as a specimen plant in a large...

Image of Aloe zebrina 'Danyz' (House plant)

Aloe zebrina 'Danyz' (House plant)

There?s something prehistoric about the spiky appearance of Aloe zebrina 'Danyz'. Its toothed, saw-like edges, and ridged leaf surfaces make this an intriguing focal point. This tough little succulent is perfect for a bright, sunny windowsill, but avoiding...

Image of Anthurium Aqua Pink in Sierglass (House Plant)

Anthurium Aqua Pink in Sierglass (House Plant)

The anthurium is a stunning and elegant plant, and is even more eye-catching in this clear glass vase, displaying its stunning twining roots.

Image of Apple Appletini

Apple Appletini

Everything about this tree is in miniature ? except the size of the crop! Apple ?Appeltini? is a compact new variety reaching just 2m tall with maturity, making it perfect for a large pot on the patio! Its pretty pink blossom makes an attractive feature...

Image of Asparagus setaceus (House Plant)

Asparagus setaceus (House Plant)

It?s hard to resist the urge to touch the delicate fronds of this graceful Asparagus Fern! The slender stems are shrouded in the finest foliage that gives it a soft, fluffy appearance, but take care as they can develop thorns over time.

Image of Azalea 'Geisha Orange'

Azalea 'Geisha Orange'

Compact, slow-growing, evergreen shrub with rich glossy foliage that is accompanied by clusters of bright red/orange flowers throughout late spring. Ideal for acidic soil - alternatively plant in a container of ericaceous compost and water with rain water....

Image of Bacopa 'Topia' Duo

Bacopa 'Topia' Duo

Two pretty varieties of Bacopa, that are ideal for filling gaps in patio planters, hanging baskets etc. They can also be planted at the edge of garden borders, to create an informal effect.

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