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Image of Bellevalia Mixed

Bellevalia Mixed

Bellevalia (Muscari) Robust and easy to grow. Super-sized, with twice the impact, thanks to the chunky flower-heads.

Image of Hyacinth 'Berries and Cream Mixture'

Hyacinth 'Berries and Cream Mixture'

Last spring, in Holland's Keukenhof public gardens, we were wowed by a gorgeous bed of mixed hyacinths. Instead of the usual blues and purples, it was a harmonious blend of rose, violet, pink and pale lavender. We've re-created this stunning combination,...

Image of Hyacinth 'Breeder's Selection'

Hyacinth 'Breeder's Selection'

As with all breeding programmes, only a handful of varieties are selected for commercial production and the bulbs that are discarded are often unique and spectacular in their own right. We're privileged to offer you a unique collection of supreme hyacinth...

Image of Hyacinth 'Hollyhock' and Anemone blanda Mix

Hyacinth 'Hollyhock' and Anemone blanda Mix

Give your borders that lovely cottage garden feel with our Hyacinth 'Hollyhock' and Anemone blanda Mix. Upright spikes of fully double, raspberry red Hyacinth blooms peep through a carpet of blue and white Anemone blanda to create a most charming, informal...

Image of Hyacinth 'Midnight Mystic'®

Hyacinth 'Midnight Mystic'®

Rare and highly sought after, this is the first and original breakthroughblack hyacinth! Available again due to popular demand - you won't find this variety for sale anywhere else! Launched to a frenzy of interest at the Chelsea Flower Show in 2005, Hyacinth...

Image of Hyacinth 'Rhapsody in Blue'

Hyacinth 'Rhapsody in Blue'

This elegant mix of Hyacinths makes a refined spring display. Hyacinth 'Rhapsody in Blue? brings together cool blues and contrasting brilliant white blooms with a distinctive and powerful perfume. Perfect for filling beds, borders and containers with...

Image of Hyacinth 'T&M Mix'

Hyacinth 'T&M Mix'

Hyacinth 'T&M Mix' is a mix of Hyacinth bulbs, chosen for their colour and fragrance. They are perfect for window boxes, patio planters, raised beds or in cottage garden style borders, alongside Daffodils and Tulips. They can also be planted in pots and...

Image of Hyacinth 'Value Mixed'

Hyacinth 'Value Mixed'

We've brought together some of our favourite Hyacinth flowers to offer you a unique collection of hardy spring flowering bulbs for early season colour for years to come.

Image of Hyacinth 'Woodstock'

Hyacinth 'Woodstock'

The deep plum shades of Hyacinth 'Woodstock? create a sumptuous display. The upright stems are crowded with deeply perfumed, star-shaped blooms that sing out from beds, borders and containers.

Image of Rhododendron 'Summer Blues Collection'

Rhododendron 'Summer Blues Collection'

A stunning collection of dwarf evergreen Rhododendron. These hardy shrubs boast a neat, compact growth habit that makes them suitable for even the smallest garden. A dense covering of dark green foliage makes a handsome background for the profusion of...

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