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Image of Aubergine Grafted 'Scorpio'

Aubergine Grafted 'Scorpio'

Aubergine F1 Scorpio produces delicious deep purple crops and it may very well produce this crop two months earlier than the normal.

Image of Aubergine 'Patio Baby'

Aubergine 'Patio Baby'

Aubergine 'Patio Baby' is a dwarf variety producing 25 ? 50 fruits per plant! Compact, bushy plants produce bumper crops of mini Aubergines that are perfect for baking or roasting whole.

Image of Beetroot Cylindra (Tapered) Rubbed

Image of Begonia 'Vermillion Hot Pink'

Begonia 'Vermillion Hot Pink'

Begonia 'Vermillion Hot Pink' will fill your patio with colour that lasts the whole summer long. This free flowering variety is smothered with small, fully double pink blooms that virtually cover the dark green foliage from view.

Image of Burgon & Ball Passiflora Kneelo® Kneeler

Burgon & Ball Passiflora Kneelo® Kneeler

Experience a greater level of comfort when your gardening courtesy of the Burgon & Ball Passiflora Kneelo Kneeler. Highly functional as well as aesthetically pleasing, the kneeler helps to prevent your knees from getting sore and wet while you're tending...

Image of Climbing Bean 'Colourful Collection'

Climbing Bean 'Colourful Collection'

Harvest from September to December. A colourful collection of 3 of the best tasty climbing bean varieties from the latest breeding programmes, each with different flower and pod colours. This collection comprises; 'Monte Cristo', 'Monte Gusto' and Carminat....

Image of Dwarf Bean 'Safari'

Dwarf Bean 'Safari'

Enjoy delicious crops of tender, stringless French Beans with Dwarf Bean 'Safari'. The straight and slender pods have a delicious flavour, especially when lightly steamed.

Image of Freesia 'River' Mixed (River Series)

Freesia 'River' Mixed (River Series)

Enjoy the heady fragrance and vibrant shades of this fabulous Freesia ?River? mixture, a colourful combination from the reliable and prolific River series. Freesias are loved for their long lasting flowers which throw out a beautiful perfume.

Image of Globe Artichoke Duo

Globe Artichoke Duo

Globe Artichokes are grown for their tasty, rounded flower heads which are harvested before they bloom. If left unharvested, the spectacular thistle-like blooms make an impressive display and attract throngs of bees to the garden.

Image of Globe Artichoke 'Purple Globe'

Globe Artichoke 'Purple Globe'

Globe Artichoke 'Green Globe Improved' bears larger, heavier, and more consistent quality globe-shaped heads. The characteristic sharp spines have been greatly reduced in this improved variety.

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