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Image of Potato 'Belle de Fontenay'

Potato 'Belle de Fontenay'

Early maincrop An old French salad potato from the late 1800's that is esteemed for its flavour which further improves on storage. This attractive maincrop variety produces beautiful, long, pale yellow tubers with a firm, waxy texture that is delicious...

Image of Potato 'Cara'

Potato 'Cara'

MaincropOval-round, pinkish, red-eyed tubers with soft moist flesh that is excellent for baking and chipping. Maincrop potato 'Cara' has excellent disease resistance, including golden eelworm and blight, and withstands drought well. An allotment favourite!...

Image of Potato 'Carolus'

Potato 'Carolus'

Early maincrop. Smooth-skinned pale yellow tubers with attractive shallow red eyes and pale yellow flesh. Carolus combines a slightly floury texture with excellent flavour. At our Capel Manor potato trials in September 2014, Carolus was voted No.1 as...

Image of Potato 'Desiree'

Potato 'Desiree'

Early maincropThe world's most popular red potato, with pale yellow, firm waxy flesh. This well-loved maincrop potato has particularly good drought resistance. Potato 'Desiree' is versatile for all cooking purposes including roasting and baking. Height...

Image of Potato 'Golden Wonder'

Potato 'Golden Wonder'

MaincropA well known maincrop variety with russeted skin and pale mauve tipped white flowers. The floury flesh of Potato 'Golden Wonder' makes it one of the best varieties for baking, frying and roasting, with a rich flavour that improves on storage....

Image of Potato 'King Edward'

Potato 'King Edward'

Late maincrop.Potato 'King Edward' is the classic Christmas variety and a firm favourite for roasting. The creamy white flesh has a light, floury texture and rarely discolours on cooking. A popular and well-loved late maincrop variety with good resistance...

Image of Potato 'Late Blight Resistant Collection'

Potato 'Late Blight Resistant Collection'

Early and maincrop varieties with higher resistance ratings. This potato collection includes the following varieties: 'Sárpo Mira', 'Cara', 'Carolus', 'Athlete', 'Orla' and 'Valor'.

Image of Potato 'Maris Piper'

Potato 'Maris Piper'

Early maincropThe best chipping variety available, and a versatile 'all rounder'. Potato 'Maris Piper' produces dry, floury tubers with creamy-white flesh of good flavour, that rarely discolours on cooking. This popular purple-flowered maincrop potato...

Image of Potato 'Mayan Gold'

Potato 'Mayan Gold'

Early maincropYellow skinned, long, oval, tubers with a deep golden flesh, a unique nutty flavour, and an extremely creamy, yet dry texture. This exclusive early maincrop Potato 'Mayan Gold' has proven exceptionally popular with chefs and the restaurant...

Image of Potato McCain 'Royal'

Potato McCain 'Royal'

Leading chip producer McCain have released their own seed potato range, so you can now grow their favourite varieties at home! Potato 'Royal' is the perfect ?all-rounder? making superb chips, roasties, mash and jacket potatoes.

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