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Image of Butternut Squash 'Crown Prince'

Butternut Squash 'Crown Prince'

An F1 breeding improvement of Crown Prince. Very popular for its attractive, flattened fruits with a steely-blue skin, each weighing up to 4kg (8.5lb).

Image of Chilli Pepper 'Cayenne'

Chilli Pepper 'Cayenne'

One of the best known chilli peppers for adding a hot, pungent flavour to your favourite dishes and sauces. Chilli Pepper ?Cayenne? is an upright variety producing good yields. The slender, red peppers reach up to 15cm (6) long with a slightly wrinkled...

Image of Chilli Pepper 'Cheyenne'

Chilli Pepper 'Cheyenne'

The original patio pepper! An early ripening variety, Chilli Pepper 'Cheyenne' produces masses of medium sized, hot, green fruits turning orange throughout the summer. This productive F1 variety produces excellent yields from neat, bushy plants.

Image of Chilli Pepper 'Hungarian Black'

Chilli Pepper 'Hungarian Black'

Chilli Pepper ?Hungarian Black? is an old heirloom variety which is visually stunning. Tall, upright plants with purple-veined foliage produce attractive purple flowers. Once pollinated the blooms are replaced by tapering peppers that ripen through red...

Image of Chilli Pepper 'Jalapeno'

Chilli Pepper 'Jalapeno'

Well known throughout the world, Chilli Pepper ?Jalapeno? is one of the most popular varieties. These well branched plants produce good yields of shiny, plump peppers. The fruits grow up to 7cm (3) and have a comfortable heat ? hot, but not too hot!

Image of Chilli Pepper 'Paper Lantern'

Chilli Pepper 'Paper Lantern'

Renowned for its intense heat, Chilli Pepper ?Paper Lantern? is not for the faint hearted! This fiery pepper is more productive than other Habanero peppers with fruits ripening up to 2 weeks earlier.

Image of Spring Onion 'Red and White Mixed'

Spring Onion 'Red and White Mixed'

A colourful combination of red and white spring onions to bring a splash of colour to salads and stir fries, with plenty of flavour and crunch!

Image of Squash 'Kabocha' (Japanese Pumpkin)

Squash 'Kabocha' (Japanese Pumpkin)

Squash ?Kabocha? comes from Japan and you will not be able to resist these. They are small but might in nutrients and delicious flavour.

Image of Squash 'Tromboncino'

Squash 'Tromboncino'

Squash Tromboncino is a delicious member of the butternut squash variety but is seedless.

Image of Sweet Pepper Collection

Sweet Pepper Collection

Sweet Peppers are perfect for adding that extra crunch and colour to summer salads. They can be grilled, roasted and stir fried too, making this the ultimate summer crop for kitchen versatility!

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