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Image of Bisset's Bamboo

Bisset's Bamboo

Bisset?s Bamboo is a green-caned variety that makes itself particularly useful in the garden. This stately Bamboo is particularly hardy and wind tolerant, making a fabulous screening plant. The narrow foliage that cloaks its upright canes is evergreen,...

Image of Black Bamboo

Black Bamboo

The statuesque, graceful stems of Black Bamboo will create a superb architectural focal point in your garden. It's arching green canes age to a lustrous glossy black by their third year, while the abundant slender leaves remain evergreen.

Image of Dracaena fragrans 'Tornado' (House Plant)

Dracaena fragrans 'Tornado' (House Plant)

Twisting dark green foliage with bold lime green margins make this house plant incredibly alluring! Each glossy leaf is curiously curled and twisted clockwise to create a fabulous whirlpool effect. As a young plant Dracaena fragrans ?Tornado? has a low...

Image of Fish-pole Bamboo

Fish-pole Bamboo

Phyllostachys aurea is a fully hardy, evergreen, strong-growing bamboo that holds a prestigious RHS AGM. It produces mid-green, hollow, grooved, canes, which turn to a caramel-brown colour on maturity. Slender, lance shaped golden-green leaves decorate...

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Image of Golden Bamboo

Golden Bamboo

Grow Golden Bamboo at the back of sunny or partially shady borders to add structure and architecture to your exotic or woodland garden. The hardy perennial also makes an interesting screen.

Image of Sansevieria 'Fernwood' (House Plant)

Sansevieria 'Fernwood' (House Plant)

The slender foliage of Sansevieria ?Fernwood? rise upwards from the base of the plant, splaying outwards at the tips. Each leaf has an attractive snakeskin pattern making this a distinctive house plant that is instantly recognisable.

Image of Umbrella Bamboo

Umbrella Bamboo

The Umbrella Bamboo can reach more than 2 metres tall, and quickly forms clumps of arching yellow-green canes, topped with foliage like an umbrella! This hardy bamboo is excellent for screening, and is especially useful in urban areas, where the screening...

Image of Umbrella Bamboo 'Asian Wonder'

Umbrella Bamboo 'Asian Wonder'

Umbrella Bamboo are easy to grow and quick to fill out, making them a top foliage choice for privacy screening and blocking road noise and traffic pollution.

Image of Umbrella Bamboo 'Selection'

Umbrella Bamboo 'Selection'

Fargesia murielae, also known as the Umbrella Bamboo due to its graceful arching habit, is a large evergreen bamboo growing to over 2m (6.5') tall. Unlike many bamboos, Umbrella Bamboo 'Selection' has a clump-forming habit so won't invade your garden....

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