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Image of Abies concolor

Abies concolor

Abies concolor has the potential to reach very large proportions ? up to 50m in its native home of the south-west United States. In the UK, it will make less height, but still remains a sizable tree. This conical species is stiffly upright, with branches...

Image of Abies fraseri

Abies fraseri

This handsome conifer forms an elegantly narrow, conical crown reaching up to 15m tall. Unlike some species, Abies fraseri is nicely proportioned for larger gardens without becoming too enormous! The dark needles are flattened with bands of white on their...

Image of Abies nordmanniana

Abies nordmanniana

Abies nordmanniana makes a large, conical specimen with a majestic presence in the landscape. Commonly known as the Normann Fir, it is best known for its traditional use as a Christmas tree, with particularly long lasting needles.

Image of Agapanthus africanus 'Pitchoune Blue'

Agapanthus africanus 'Pitchoune Blue'

Bred for a compact habit and large showy blooms, Agapanthus africanus 'Pitchoune Blue' delivers a glamorous summer display in the smallest of spaces.

Image of Aquilegia x hybrida 'McKana Giants Mixed' (National Trust)

Aquilegia x hybrida 'McKana Giants Mixed' (National Trust)

The colourful, nectar-rich blooms of Aquilegia x hybrida 'McKana Giants Mixed?, also known as Columbine, inject a splash of colour into the garden from late spring into summer, whilst attracting bees and other pollinators. This vibrant mixture of Granny?s...

Image of Balsam Fir

Balsam Fir

If you are searching for a hardy, evergreen tree that requires only minimal pruning, this Balsam Fir is the one for you. The conifer grows a mere 2.5cm (1) a year, making it an ideal specimen plant for low-maintenance rockeries and alpine gardens. Abies...

Image of Beetroot 'Moneta' (National Trust)

Beetroot 'Moneta' (National Trust)

Bolt resistant Beetroot ?Moneta? produces a wonderfully easy crop, yielding uniform, tasty roots with a marvellous rich colour. Whether you sow thinly or more liberally, this variety germinates one seedling per cluster which reduces the need for time-consuming...

Image of Briza maxima (National Trust)

Briza maxima (National Trust)

Also known as Greater Quaking Grass, this fantastically elegant ornamental grass throws out burst of slender stems in summer which carry pretty clusters of hanging seedheads which quake in the breeze. Briza maxima is perfect for planting in borders or...

Image of Broad Bean 'Masterpiece Green Longpod' (National Trust)

Broad Bean 'Masterpiece Green Longpod' (National Trust)

When it comes to flavour, Broad Bean 'Masterpiece Green Longpod' is hard to beat. This RHS AGM variety has long been a popular choice for its generous, long pods filled with up to seven exceptionally tasty and nutritious green beans.

Image of Cedrus deodara

Cedrus deodara

Cedrus deodara, the Himalayan or Deodar Cedar, makes a truly spectacular specimen, forming a large conical tree that demands plenty of space to be truly appreciated. Its spreading branches are cloaked in evergreen, needle-like foliage. Each branch tip...

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