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Image of 1.4m Tall Passiflora Caerulea

1.4m Tall Passiflora Caerulea

The exotic looking multi-layered flowers of Passion Flowers bely their ease of growing and their toughness and resilience- these are hardy once established, but in colder areas grow against a south facing wall or in large pots.A fabulous lush evergreen climber and alternative to Clematis, for covering walls, arches and trellises. The lovely two tone blue and white flowers are very waxy and long lasting, their amazing purple detail a joy to behold. Grow in a pot up a trellis or obelisk, it will thrive outside, and will happily perform year after year.Supplied well grown at over 1m of plant already.Planting Advice:Passion flowers tends to bloom particularly well when their roots are restricted by a container or path side border.When planting in a container, use a good quality compost.Pot-grown shrubs can be planted at any time ...

Price: £20.00 from Studio

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