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Image of 1.5kg Blooming Fast Fish Blood and Bone Plant Food

1.5kg Blooming Fast Fish Blood and Bone Plant Food

Natures way to feed your plants! Relied upon by generations of gardeners, Blood, Fish and Bone Organic Fertiliser provides a natural, slow release, multipurpose feed that is perfect for use all around your garden. Add it to the planting hole and excavated soil when planting any tree, shrub or plant in your garden - it will provide all of the essential nutrients needed to guarantee best establishment and super-healthy growth. It also provides the perfect top-dressing when forked in to the soil around existing plants too and can be applied every 4-6 weeks from spring through to autumn. N:P:K is contained in perfect proportions 5:5:6. Nitrogen (N) ensures perfect, healthy green foliage. Phosphorous (P) provides strong stems and roots to ensure your plants are strong and hardy. Potassium (K) ensures you will get lots of large, bright flowers, or for fruit and vegetables, will ensure you get great crops to harvest! Apply at a rat...

Price: £15.00 from Studio

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Studio 1.5kg Blooming Fast Fish Blood and Bone Plant Food £15.00 Visit Store

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